Totem of the Moor

Totem of the Moor

She the red earth carpet

Pray the day of deep pine relapse

Diffused back to the mother

As clean and constant as a totem slumped sunken

To a wild moor

She the wet eyed whisperer

Lullabies to her true

Love the flaunting curves of far horizon

Curse her lashes


Freedom steaming below the heavens

She the starved solitary

Kin to the green centuries

Vein of ancient stone

Squatter in her own room

Leashes her heart to a telephone pole

But it loosens day by day

She the


Wild stallion whistling through rosy english rolling

Sparrowhawk honing

Hurtling back to


And through those cabbage patch miles

Hurdled bracken stiles

And sky twitching smiles

Who’d have thought

The sudden sad joy she found

The freest flight

Feckless and filling

Further away from you